How to have a dirty chat with a girl

Adult cams can easily change your world once and for all. There is no return from the horny young teens and experienced milfs who are there to chat with you. However, there is always a question of how to start? There is some chilling feeling when you know you’re texting a sexy doll. Especially when it comes to dirty talking. “What if she thinks I’m crazy?” or “What if I will be too rude?”. Here are some of the key rules of chatting in live sex cams to capture the attention of any model.

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Start smoothly

Every wonderful girl in the camera has feelings. These feelings may be even for you. So don’t push it too hard. First of all, say “hello” and ask her how is she? Then make some kind of compliment about how she looks. Make her feel like she means something to you and really makes you hard. And then when she replies try to make her do something for you. Maybe she can show some part of her precious body. And when she is turned up – this is the right time to get naughty with the talk.

What is a right dirty chat?

The right dirty chat is not only swearing words like “bitch”, “slut” or “dirty cock”. Using them frequently won’t make your conversation with the model unique. Ask her how naughty is she? What she is ready to do for you? And then call her like you really want it, but yet don’t be offensive. Punish her like a “daddy” that knows when she feels horny after you call her a little bitch or little slut. There is so much more you can come up with. Feel the vibe she gives you. If the model likes dirty sex then go give it to her. If she adores the rough one – slap her ass and give her the dirty cock she’s craving. The main aim is to get as dirty as you want without any hard feelings but to finish with a hard.

What is more, every chat has emoji to describe the dirty word. Use them instead of filthy talk that is frequently mistakenly taken for the dirty one.

Express your feelings

Don’t hide it! When you see her booty and boobs say “yeah, babe”. Give her a signal of how excited you are. Nothing is embarrassing to it. A girl loves it when a guy groans when cumming. When she sees you doing that – she will definitely get wet and will ask for more.