About Us

Our introduction?

We, HentaiFreak!, are just a tiny team of hentai lovers putting efforts in this website to reach global audience, just for fun. There has been many times when you have to reaching out for specific hentai which is released yet not available for neither streaming or download, due to no seeders or leechers, or broken links just because they are older episodes. This is where we present you, HentaiFreak!, your new source of hentai contents in HD and Full HD Releases.


Intially we were inspired by HentaiHaven, since it was first released. Everyone loves it, cool design and all HD contents. But their content is still limited even now. We simply looked no further and started to design the website and upload the contents. For starters, we ripped the entire website as it was better source then torrents. During the first release, we only had HH contents. But as time passed we now have our own releases since then as encoders not subbers which is more than what they have. Since first release we haven’t added any HH content, so don’t bother checking. And we will continue to grow. Keep checking the upcoming releases for future updates and don’t forget to subscribe us!

Future Plans?

Since no uploading source is secure for a while due to copyright issues, in future we would be using Streaming and Downloading through Torrents. They will be more reliable as they constantly would be seeded by Gigabits Servers. We would also host our videos on media servers as mirrors. We are also working on 2K & 4K Releases and their streaming as very few providers offer 4k/2k Uploading and Streaming. If permitted we will also open our uploading section so users can also contribute. Much more cool features and new design are on the way!

Why Us?

There are many websites in the world to watch, yet you can bookmark and visit us because soon or later, you will not only find every released hentai series but also those ones which doesn’t exists in any websites. This includes all old hentai series as well as new ones, all in HD to FullHD quality with downloading links.

How to help us?

Notify us if you find any releases seriously wrong, like wrong links, non-working link or wrong encodes.
Send us a list of your favourite hentai list you want to added here at [email protected].
Support us by sharing the love and help us to grow!